Does God Care If I Commit Suicide?

An Inquiry: I ask for his help, but he does not respond.

How We Would Respond: God always responds but does not provide answers as our egos demand. When we ask questions that require a specific answer — How can I make this specific thing happen? — we are not asking; we are making a demand about how to achieve a particular outcome. Ask questions without the expectation of a specific answer. Be open to the answer God should give, not the answer that you want to hear.

Does God care whether you commit suicide? In truth you cannot die but you believe that you can, and so can have the experience of death. Suicide would feel like a painful experience for you and would not resolve what is truly ailing you; and then you would have to go through what you think is life all over again. It would be so much better for you to get to the bottom of the actual problem which would then enable you to return to your rightful place alongside God; a place that, in reality, you have never left.