Does God Care About Money

An Inquiry: Why do they ask for money in every church?

How We Would Respond: Churches ask for money so that they’ll be able to invest in their operations. We solicit donations for the same reason. In fact, without incoming money any form of organization would no longer be able to maintain their operations; but many organizations sell some type¬†of product and so don’t, typically, need to ask for donations.

It’s not uncommon for people to consider money somehow bad, and to believe that so-called spiritual organizations should never make financial overtures at all. People are entitled to their opinion but money is like most anything else: it has an inherently neutral moral value and can be used morally, immorally, or neutrally — bearing in mind that moral and immoral are personal judgments.

Money has no impact upon God at all, who is above any form of need. But for those of us who believe ourselves to be mortal and needful physical beings living in the modern material world, money is a significant factor. Is money less of a factor for us than many believe it to be? I would say yes… but that’s another issue.