Does EFT Work For Depression And Anxiety?

In a previous post (see Does EFT Really Work?) I offered my opinion on the question of whether using EFT delivers general improvement effects. My answer to the question was, and is, not only do I believe that EFT delivers general improvement effects, I’m quite sure it does.

I also stated that the EFT variation Simple Energy Techniques (SET) is preferable to EFT because it’s considerably more convenient while still providing general improvement. But what about EFT / SET for specific dysfunctions like depression and anxiety? Can EFT / SET cure these conditions?

I believe that EFT / SET does lessen the impact of depression and anxiety but I also offer this qualifier: depression and anxiety are caused by thought streams. The thought streams that cause depression amount to ‘My life circumstances are unhappy’. In the case of anxiety, the causal thought streams amount to ‘I am in danger’.

There are means that can reduce the emotional effects of depression and / or anxiety such as taking sedatives, antidepressants, EFT / SET, consuming alcohol, some narcotics, and other methods. The elimination of depression and / or anxiety will not occur however until there is a cessation in corresponding thought streams — until the ‘My life circumstances are unhappy’ and ‘I am in danger’ thoughts stop.

I do not believe that EFT / SET alone can bring this about. In my estimation EFT / SET operate on the nervous system, where they open up the flow of bodily life energies. This can have remarkable effects on bodily function, with respect to energy, healing, body response, mood (possibly more from a result than a direct effect), and other functions.

All of this can absolutely bring about an improved general outlook, and often will if EFT / SET is practiced consistently. It will not necessarily end toxic thought streams however. This is not to say that EFT / SET has no place in depression and / or anxiety treatment — it is not at all my intent to make that statement.

The statement I will make is that EFT / SET are support therapies in the curing of depression and anxiety. The primary therapy in curing depression and anxiety is quieting the mind, or to put it another way, silencing the critical and negative voice inside one’s head.

All other means, even those as helpful and effective as EFT / SET, are not curative: they are palliative care.