Does A Course In Miracles Really Work?

Does A Course In Miracles really work? Yes, it does. Thanks for stopping by.

But of course — no pun intended — it’s not nearly that simple. If A Course In Miracles does work then what does it work to do? In other words, what effects does A Course In Miracles provide? Good question.

Here’s something first to know about A Course In Miracles (ACIM) — the world is not real. The world is an illusion or a dream, and a bad dream at that. Some if not many life help techniques teach that the world is a sacred and essentially loving place, and that forces governing the world want us to succeed.

Not so — not according to A Course In Miracles. The world is a false image, a mirage, and it was created by the ego for the sole purpose of maintaining separation from God. The spiritual purpose of the dream world is to recognize it as a dream and, ultimately, to wake up from it.

Is this what you wanted to hear? Were you hoping for an uplifting message of “The universe loves you!”? If so, there are plenty of methods that embrace this very message. Louise Hay advocates this message. Wayne Dyer does too, essentially. Try their teachings, or other similar teachings, and if they work to your satisfaction stick to them — or don’t.

But whosoever tells you that ACIM teaches a message like this, that the world is sacred and loving and that you are meant to succeed within the world, does not understand the Course in the way that I do. The world is illusory and is dualistic which means ups but invariable downs, and also endings (or death if you want to think of it in that way).

If this is the illusion then what is the truth? One with God in Heaven, eternal peace and bliss. Sounds good, yes? But consider a particular word — one. One. Not you and another but one. Who is the one?

You are. But what of my friend (or my enemy)? He or she is the one too. You are, essentially, the same. You are the one offspring of God, the prodigal child, being called home. All of you and all of us. The one.

How can it be?! I am over here and I see him standing over there. We are different! Yes, in the world of form — but the world of form is illusion. Within this illusory world of form the mind of the offspring of God has split and divided to create the illusion of separation, and separation means there cannot simply be one with God.

And so the dream of separation is invested in and made real. I once heard departed Course instructor Ken Wapnick quote Freud in this way: The purpose of a dream is to keep one asleep.

If you are immersed in the dream you will not waken. But you do not want to come awake because you do not want to lose this self that you (believe) you are. You do not want to lose your independent being. You do not want to die.

You must trust. You must believe that God will welcome you back and that what you come back to, the oneness, will be scores — scores — more glorious than this world of some good mixed with suffering and lack and death. The fact is you must return because you never left and came to this illusion world — you are asleep and you will, eventually, come awake.

The voice for God is gently bringing you around, slowly so that you won’t be frightened when you come to. The Son of God is being called which means you are being called and so are we all — We One.

We can linger in the often cruel dream of form or we can hasten our departure back to God. How? One means is to mentally state, whenever something comes up that causes us upset — whether big or small — mentally state ‘Help me see this differently.’ This is stating to the Holy Spirit that you want to, in this one step, separate from the dream. It is a form of ACIM forgiveness, and is forgiving the illusion and forgiving what did not actually occur.

The practicing of A Course In Miracles is a significant challenge certainly. Watch how often you react to the world and attack and judge, and so engage the dream and remain immersed within it, asleep. It takes commitment. It does indeed. And what is the payoff for doing it? Peace and a sense of healing that must be experienced to be truly understood.

So there is A Course In Miracles, condensed and presented by less than an authority, but fairly accurate. Is it what you want? Do you prefer something else? Experiment, play around with various life help, and come to your own conclusions. Handbook For A Better Life Ebook is a good resource for discovering different life help, including A Course In Miracles.

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