Detached Disagreement

Some people believe that surrendering to life would mean giving in to demands, or passively going along with the will of others. This is a misperception — it is absolutely not a conflict to surrender to what is at any given moment, and to also still express independent choice.

Let’s consider this further…

When someone is making a demand, this represents what is. Some people might resent demands being made of them and/or put up forms of internal or external resistance. The effect of this resentment or resistance would be a degree of personal suffering, whether this suffering be in the form of anger, stress, physical discomfort, etc.

On the other hand, accepting that someone is making a demand — surrendering to this life circumstance — would prevent the suffering that resistance to life invariably brings. Beyond this, surrendering to someone making a demand does not mean that the demand must ultimately be met.

I surrender to life as it is, which at this moment is someone making a demand of me. And now I am refusing to meet this demand.

These are two separate instances of the life experience, both occurring in the now (which is all there ever is). There is no resistance to the first instance of life: someone is making a demand and this is accepted and surrendered to. The second instance of life, where the demand is being refused, should also be free of resistance.

There are different ways to deliver a no. No can be presented through an energy of great resentment or anger. No! This is not a resistance free no because it is delivered with a push of resentment or anger: there is force behind it.

A no that is presented with no force behind it, that is free of emotional ties and push, is a no free from resistance. No.

When giving an answer or when presenting some form of disagreement — when engaging in any communication for that matter — let it come from a state of detachment: no connection to an outcome, no investment. Try to let all communications come from this nothing or no state, which is where Divine Intelligence resides.

Communications that come from Divine Intelligence will be inherently perfect; communications that come from connections to an outcome or an investment is coming from ego, and will be inherently imperfect.

This insight can be taken even further because not only are communications that come from Divine Intelligence perfect, actions that come from Divine Intelligence are perfect. So the ideal then is to move through the life experience in such a way that Divine Intelligence is always acting on your behalf: you are simply a vessel for Divine Intelligence to express itself.

There would likely be resistance to the previous notion, as though wholly giving way — so to speak — to Divine Intelligence would be to lose one’s independence or identity. This is false thinking, because the life experience is directed by one of two things: Divine Intelligence or ego output.

The living forms within the plant and animal kingdoms do not possess ego and so are moved purely by Divine Intelligence. In this way they are in complete alignment, and move with the perfect plan for existence.

It is the “higher” human form where ego is found and it is rare indeed to find humans that are not totally under the direction of ego output. In doing this are they operating in independent fashion? Certainly not, though they may be under the illusion that they are. What they are doing, ultimately, is to make a choice: they have chosen to be moved by ego rather than Divine Intelligence.

And they can also eventually choose to reverse their course and be moved not by ego output, but by Divine Intelligence. This is the choice that I, and an increasing number of others, have made.