Depression When Using Ho’oponopono (Reader Inquiry)

Reader Inquiry: From your blog I learnt that you are well versed in the Hooponopono process. I have been dabbling in it for the last 2 years or so. I read Joe Vitale’s book and other resources on the internet. Also tried asking questions but never get answers that that I am looking for.

Sure I have achieved some positive results too. The thing that really confuses me is that when I chant the mantra I start feeling fear or depression very strongly. I have cleaned on that part too but it persists. Is it possible that when you start your CLEANING some of the hidden problems come to the surface.

Is there any validity to the fact there are entities trying to get in the way. Would you be able to explain me a little bit better regarding these fears I have. I am to a point where I am so fearful and deeply depressed.

Response: The reaction you’re referring to, experiencing negative emotion as you go through the process, can absolutely occur and does. This isn’t to say that it happens to everyone but, from my experiences, it is common. Neither does it only happen with ho’oponopono.

When we start the process of getting clear and returning to our native Divine state, it seems we dislodge things and they come to the surface. Another way of considering this is that our ego being becomes resistant against our efforts to get clear and, to an extent, goes into attack mode.

In this case the ego sees itself as being under threat and it is right in this assessment. When we choose to get clear and to return to our native peace and tranquility we are, in fact, choosing against the ego and all of its grievances and attacks.

The process can be quite discouraging. We’re putting in “good” work but are experiencing negative effects as painful stuff gets tossed into our awareness. It’s not fair.

Here’s where the common spiritual admonition of no judgment can really be of assistance. Judge not. If we go by our judgment we’ll be inclined to think we’re not making progress or are actually regressing. This is false. Whenever we put in spiritual work it’s progress. But it’s not a quick fix.

It’s not.

It takes time and consistent effort. Day by day and even moment by moment. This is the basis of the spiritual phrase ‘chop wood, carry water’ — consistently putting the effort in but without judging effects.

Here’s what A Course In Miracles says about its process for enlightenment: It merely looks, and waits, and judges not.

Can you look upon this emotional distress you’re experiencing, as you engage in getting clear, without judging it bad or unwanted? Can you simply let it be there as you continue on your journey? It’s not easy to do.

Take heart. Those of us on the path, all of us, go through the dark night of the soul and we do it a number of times. Stay with it. You’re on the right track. God would not have it any other way.