Critical Factor In Ho’oponopono And Conscious Living

I’m an advocate for ho’oponopono and conscious living, two means for improving the life experience. But are these methods mutually exclusive? Or can they actually be used together?

I believe they can, in fact, be used together.

Ho’oponopono and conscious living each have the same ultimate goal in mind: to live presently rather than living in mind generated future or past. The present is where it’s at and all teachings about an enlightened existence — ho’oponopono, conscious living, etc. — will tell you that.

So ho’oponopono and conscious living operate from a shared goal. This is certainly a good start for using any methods in conjunction. But there is an essential step if one wants to use ho’oponopono and conscious living together successfully — or even if one wants to use them separately.

Accepting the present moment as it is.

Both ho’oponopono and conscious living are significantly lessened as life improvement methods when there is resistance to the now. When there is resistance to the now suffering will happen, and neither ho’oponopono nor conscious living can change this.

Accept the now as it is, however, and resistance is replaced by flow. And once there is flow, now the full effects of ho’oponopono and conscious living can be realized.

Conscious living, in fact, could reasonably be described as — more than anything else — acceptance of the present moment. Present moment acceptance is surely a significant part of conscious living in any case, and even if it may not be emphasized quite as much in ho’oponopono it is a very significant part of that method as well.

When one is denying the present moment in some way, rejecting it or trying to push it away, a wall goes up between that person and the energy of life. How can life energy be cultivated, no matter the method or means for doing this, when a barrier is blocking the way?

Simply put, it can’t.

The barrier first must come down, and then the energy of life can be brought to fruition…

Accepting the moment, no matter what form it takes, can be difficult to do — sometimes exceptionally so. But doing it often brings about near immediate relief from suffering and also allows help processes to work their magic, so to speak.

Is the effort worth the outcome? Unquestionably so, in my opinion. But try it and see for yourself.

Be accepting of the now, no matter how it may shape up, and then put ho’oponopono, conscious living — or both — into practice. See how the results play out…

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