Is Sin Arrogant?

Not everyone believes in the idea of sin but for those who do they are likely to consider sin as something punitive, and very serious. But what about arrogant? Sin is arrogant? Sin as something arrogant comes from the idea of overturning God’s will. Is it God’s will that there shall be sin? If sin … Read More

Friends Help With Stress?

A Claim Made: Reliable ways for alleviating stress — Exercise, a long hot shower or bath. Talking with a friend. Our Response: These methods may prove helpful for some but to say they are reliable is, in our opinion, a false claim. Why? Because these methods do not directly address the cause of stress, which is always … Read More

How Effective Are Antidepressants?

An Inquiry: Are they worth taking if you have bad physical symptoms for a anxiety disorder? How We Would Respond: Antidepressants really help some people; other people who take antidepressants don’t seem to get much help from them at all, and some people who take antidepressants experience quite bad side effects and so stop taking them. … Read More