Letting Go Of Your Ego

It’s common to hear people on the “spiritual path” talk about overcoming the ego. Let’s consider the ego here. Is the ego really the problem? Is it really the barrier to what so many of us are looking for? Yes, it is. I’ve heard advice that we should befriend the ego, that it actually has … Read More

A Course In Miracles And Money Problems

I did some looking around and didn’t find a great deal about A Course In Miracles as it relates to money problems, and money lack in particular. This is interesting given that money lack or poverty, however we want to describe it, is the most significant problem people believe themselves to have — that’s according … Read More

What Causes Depression? (See Infographic Below)

I’ve written a number of articles, within this blog, about the most common root cause of depression: our very own thinking. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so perhaps the infographic below can clarify even more the relationship between thinking and depression, for those readers who have an interest. Note: While this … Read More