Can EFT Cure Depression And Anxiety?

I’ve written a number of posts about EFT and energy therapy — EFT is a variation of energy therapy — and I am an advocate, without reservation, for energy therapy. Energy therapy is, in my estimation, an exceptionally effective tool for life improvement across the board and helps with physical and emotional difficulties both.

In a previous post — Does EFT Work For Depression And Anxiety? — I promoted EFT (energy therapy) as a quite effective treatment for both depression and anxiety, but also stated that EFT isn’t a cure for depression or anxiety. I made this claim because depression and anxiety almost always occur due to thought streams and EFT doesn’t “change” thought.

So have I changed my thinking about this? Yes… and no.

I still believe, absolutely, that depression and anxiety are thinking disorders. Depression and anxiety happen when a thought streams appears in our conscious awareness that says My life is bad (depression) or I am in danger (anxiety) and we accept this thought stream as truth. This acceptance is key: without accepting a thought stream as truth we will not have an emotional reaction to the thought stream — not depression, not anxiety, not some other emotional response.

Where I have had a change of thinking about EFT (energy therapy) and depression / anxiety is the issue of whether EFT does impact thinking and so actually can, in effect, cure depression and anxiety. The proof of this, for me, is in the pudding. I have personally seen very significant results from using energy therapy on a variety of emotional responses, from a down mood to insecurity to anger.

The impact has been substantial and beyond question. Energy therapy absolutely works for mood dysfunction.

And here’s what was particularly significant for me: the responses I observed were even more substantial the day after applying energy therapy. In other words, energy therapy was applied for a down mood and provided some immediate relief — and the results were even better the next day. Not only was mood still elevated, an increase in physical energy and overall body wellness was also observed.

This outcome represents an exciting development for me and is something I absolutely want to share. As to the issue of whether EFT in fact cures depression and anxiety, I think the results are essentially curative if EFT (energy therapy) is used consistently. Will irregular EFT practice provide curative results for depression and anxiety? Maybe, but I’m dubious.

Here’s my recommendation for using EFT / energy therapy: every day, for at least one hour. The one hour of practice does not have to occur all at once and can be broken up into time chunks across the day.

On a final note, if you are seriously depressed or anxious seek out professional assistance if you believe in any way that it is needed.

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