Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises Review

Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises is a manual for performing the Buteyko method, a process of changing breath to improve body health. I have written a previous review of the Buteyko method itself, and considered whether the method does enhance body health and function (read the review Here). To sum that review up, I do find the Buteyko method to be beneficial and recommend it.

If you should decide to use Buteyko for yourself, is Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises an effective resource for learning the method? I believe that it is.

Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises spends a good deal of time in explanation for why Buteyko is valuable, and even necessary. The manual essentially follows the reasoning of most Buteyko advocates: too much oxygen in the blood has detrimental effects, and most people have overly oxygenated blood from over breathing and / or hyperventilating. When breathing is restrained, which is the essential aim of the Buteyko method, carbon dioxide levels within the blood increase and oxygen levels in the blood decrease.

The net effect of this, if you will, is a balancing within the blood. As the balanced blood moves through the body, nourishing all body parts including vitals, health increases.

After a descriptive of why Buteyko is healthful, Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises begins detailing the particulars of how to “do” Buteyko. The method is described fairly simply: a closed mouth, in breath using the abdomen, out breath that is a result of relaxed letting go versus an intentional exhale. There’s more than just how to use the method here, however, as the manual gives much detail for how often to use Buteyko, and what the ideal results from using the method are.

Not all of the detail in Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises was easily understood by me, possibly because of language discrepancies — the author is a native Russian writing in English — and perhaps because the detail was so fine at times. Overall however I found Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises to be an effective and useful teaching for how to properly approach Buteyko, and I recommend it.

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