A Course In Miracles And The Devil

An Inquiry: …(A Course In Miracles) is obviously the work of the devil. …a year long course to brain wash you into thinking there is no sin and your salvation is up to you….THIS IS CRAZY.

How We Would Respond: This perspective is clearly opinionated; also not entirely respectful of different beliefs. This orientation regarding A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is not unheard of however, and even when it’s not so strongly worded there is certainly pessimism around ACIM — for those people who are aware of it all.

Let’s first consider whether A Course In Miracles is something dangerous; something that comes from the devil. It is true that A Course In Miracles states there is no sin, but it says this in deference to God. The foundation principle of A Course In Miracles is this: What opposes the will of God is not so — is not real.

A Course In Miracles says that it is not God’s will that there should be sin; ergo sin is not real. It is God’s will, God’s word, that is real and nothing else. How can an orientation like this be seen as supporting the devil? Is it not more supportive of the devil, presuming the devil is something real and significant, to say that God’s will does not stand; to say that God’s will can be changed against God’s wishes?

What says that sin is real? Our judgment does. We perceive things within the world, we judge them as evil or sinful, and then consider these judgments to be the truth. A Course In Miracles says do not accept your judgments as true over the will of God. This is pandering to the devil?

Some people would, and do, argue that it is to glorify God to consider judgment to be truth even when that judgment contradicts the will of God. Or perhaps they believe it is God’s will that there should be sin and evil, and so to consider sin and evil real is to glorify God. But then there is the difficult task of explaining why God should will for sin and evil for us.

Let me address the assertion of salvation being up to the individual. This is not an accurate description of A Course In Miracles teachings. A Course In Miracles says firstly that we already have salvation, we simply do not accept this; beyond this ACIM says the path back to accepting salvation for ourselves comes through help from the voice for God — we do not, and cannot, do it on our own.