Is Sin Arrogant?

Not everyone believes in the idea of sin but for those who do they are likely to consider sin as something punitive, and very serious. But what about arrogant? Sin is arrogant? Sin as something arrogant comes from the idea of overturning God’s will. Is it God’s will that there shall be sin? If sin … Read More

Michael Jace And Self Help

Michael Jace is an actor who, as of this writing, is in the news. Jace was convicted of murdering his wife April. Jace shot his wife three times, once in the back, while their small children were in the vicinity. According to media reports, Jace shot April┬áduring an argument where she was threatening to divorce … Read More

A Course In Miracles Makes Sense

I’m an advocate for A Course In Miracles, and here’s why: it gives God a fair shake. Much if not most spiritual and religious works believe God to be cruel or weak. These works don’t, typically, come right out and make this claim but it’s an inevitable conclusion when considering God and the state of … Read More