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Making Life Better: An Introduction

By TM Williams

Welcome to This website is dedicated to suffering: recognizing it, understanding it, and most importantly, living without it. What do I mean when I refer to suffering? I define suffering as regular psychological or emotional anguish including, but not limited to, stress, depression, anxiety, anger, fear, despair, et cetera.

I’m like many people, I believe, in that I lived with suffering for years. But I’m more than just intimate with suffering — I was riveted by the possibility of ending my suffering.

Was it possible? Could I have a life without suffering? Could I have a “happy” life? I was determined to get answers, and was genuinely intrigued by the prospect of studying suffering so that I could understand it… and ultimately end it.

I formerly considered suffering to be an external condition. That is, I believed the quality of my life — how happy I was — came down to the things that were happening in my life.

If I had enough money. If I had good friends. If I was in a satisfying intimate relationship. If I was physically healthy. And so on.

I carried on with this belief for a long time, and made much effort to alter the external circumstances of my life accordingly. And my suffering essentially continued on, just as much as it ever had. I ultimately found myself in a quite unhappy state, and stuck in a general pessimism about life.

And then I had an insight.

Life peace and contentment is not about external conditions, it’s about internal conditions. To put this another way life is — and always has been — an inside job.

What is the significance of this? Anyone, and everyone, is equipped to change their life for the better and to start right now.

This means you too. is, I believe, one valuable resource for showing the way from suffering, to less suffering — and even an end to suffering altogether.

This site offers resource recommendations, a blog, as well as a store with products specifically created to make life better. You can also keep track of what TheMakeLifeBetterGuy is up to through different social media, and rss (see the footer of any page).

I hope you enjoy what’s offered here. More than that, I hope you find it useful; and if you do find it useful, that you put it into practice.

Thanks for visiting Enjoy your stay, and please feel free to come again.

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